Kleanair - Disinfection and Sterilization using Micro Electrostatic Technology

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woman in white long sleeve shirt wearing eyeglasses
woman in white long sleeve shirt wearing eyeglasses

Kleanair: Revolutionizing Disinfection and Sterilization

At Kleanair, we specialize in harnessing the power of micro electrostatic technology to provide you with unparalleled sterilization, disinfection, and air purification solutions. Our cutting-edge IFD (Ionic Field Dynamics) micro static technology is designed to break down harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), sterilize and disinfect surfaces, adsorb fine particles, and promote clean, healthy air quality. By integrating a driving circuit with a dust filter core made of non-metallic materials and graphene, we provide you with efficient, effective, and eco-friendly solutions for all your disinfection and sterilization needs.

High Purification Efficiency

At Kleanair, we utilize the power of IFD (Ionic Field Dynamics) micro static technology to provide effective disinfection and sterilization solutions. Our technology generates strong electric fields within non-metallic materials, which break down harmful substances such as formaldehyde and VOCs, and eliminate bacteria and viruses. The result is clean, healthy air that is safe for you and your loved ones.

IFD Electrostatic Technology

The term “IFD micro static technology” refers to the application of strong electric fields to dielectric materials for sterilization, disinfection, the breakdown of formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the adsorption of fine particles (blocking aerosols), and the implementation of air purification technology. A driving circuit is integrated with the dust filter core, which uses a unique technique and is constructed from non-metallic materials (polymers) and graphene. It solves the drawbacks of conventional metal static electricity creation of ozone and ignition arc discharge, and has a powerful function of effective sterilization, disinfection, and adsorption of particles as small as 0.01 μ m.

About Kleanair

Kleanair is a business that specializes in disinfection and sterilization using IFD (Ionic Field Dynamics) micro static technology. Our technology generates strong electric fields within the micro static filter core, which is constructed using non-metallic materials (polymers) and graphene. This technology can sterilize and disinfect indoor environments, purify the air, and break down volatile organic compounds (VOCs). At Kleanair, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest-quality disinfection and sterilization services.

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