Ceiling Type Air Disinfector

The fully enclosed silent case is constructed with a FILTOWER high-end negative ion air disinfection module and granular activated carbon filter screen, which can effectively kill and remove 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and PM2.5 while keeping the indoor air fresh and clean. The product has three wind speeds that allow users to adjust the airflow based on their needs. It applies to schools, shops, restaurants, libraries, self-study rooms, nurseries, elderly homes, and other public places, ensuring user health and low power consumption and conforming to the environmental protection principle.

Air Vent Disinfector

It has a built-in main filter screen that is entirely concealed and takes up no additional space, and it is fitted right into the indoor air return port. The central air conditioning system can use it. The size is adjustable, effective in eradicating bacteria and viruses, attractive, and long-lasting.